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...”believe me, Great Danes can live perfectly in a flat as well”... Thanks to this information pronounced by a veterinary on TV some years ago, I decided to buy the first puppy, Oasi dell’Elsa, and give it to Gabriella, who nowadays is my wife. Since I was a child I always dreamt of having a fawn Great Dane inspired by a picture on the 'Fiorone Encyclopedia'. After first everyday life experiences with a dog, with games, obedience school, little vices and immeasurable love, Gabriella and I decided to find a partner for Oasi (Laura), so Rubens dell’Elsa (Filippo) arrived and with him we have obtained some satisfaction in the exhibition field. After having left the city, it seemed natural to increase the number of our dogs. From the mating between Oasi and Billy Boy vom House of Dreams, our third Great Dane was born, Helena dell’Elsa, who has obtained numerous recognitions at a national and European level. Then Maria Alejandra dell’Elsa arrived. She, with Helena, took part successfully in dog shows. Since we began breeding Great Danes we have looked for a breed that is not only beautiful and elegant, but also a tender and well tempered dog. We are focused on the research of a harmonic subject with good structure and movement, healthy and a good temperament, without morphological excesses.
Oasi, Rubens and Helena left us after have spent with us 9 years (Oasi and Rubens) and more than 10 years (Helena) respectively. Among our last subjects deserve a particular mention Bibiana Isabel, Bonita Eloisa, Fukuoka del Piccolo Jigo, Giorgia del Piccolo Jigo and the young Isotta del Piccolo Jigo, who since she was in puppy class began to collect a lot of great results, big satisfaction for me and Gabriella.
This 'good giant' needs a constant physical contact with his owner. For this reason our dogs don’t live in a box, but in our house, treated as family members . We would like every human being to consider his own dog not only as an instrument (defence, exhibition, hunting etc…) but also, and above, all as a friend.  

Roberto & Gabriella

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