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...”believe me, Great Danes can perfectly live in a flat as well”... Thanks to this sentence pronounced by a vet on a TV show in the 80s, in 1993 I decided to buy my first puppy, Oasi dell’Elsa (Laura), as a gift for Gabriella, who nowadays is my wife. After the first every day life experiences with a dog, Gabriella and I decided to find to Laura a friend: Rubens dell’Elsa (Filippo).

After we moved from the city to the countryside, it seemed natural to increase the number of our dogs. Billy Boy vom House of Dreams was our third Great Dane. Laura was bred to him and Helena dell’Elsa was born. She obtained several satisfactions in national and international shows. After her, Maria Alejandra dell’Elsa arrived. She successfully took part in dog shows too.

Since we began breeding Great Danes we have looked for subjects that were not only beautiful and elegant, but also tender and well tempered. We are focused on the research of harmonic structures (without morphological excesses), good movements, good temperaments and health.

In the early 2000s deserve a particular mention Bibiana Isabel, Bonita Eloisa and immediately after the great Isotta del Piccolo Jigo, who collected a lot of great results in show rings (big satisfaction for us). Repeating the breeding between Bibiana Isabel and Zarco de Aldama, one year after, a “sister” of Isotta arrived, Kumiko del Piccolo Jigo.

In 2008 I went to Sweeden for the WDS and fell in love with Scadinavian Great Danes and their wonderful constructions. Since that time we began to choose North European and then American studs and, in spite of many criticisms, we obtained fantastic subjects like Shalom del Piccolo Jigo, Shadow del Piccolo Jigo and, in second generation, You are not Alone del Piccolo Jigo, one of the most appreciated result of our breeding work.

Nowdays some nice bitches are making us very proud: Allegra del Piccolo Jigo, Emotion del Piccolo Jigo, Deejay only one the one del Piccolo Jigo and the youngest Great Soul del Piccolo Jigo.

These 'good giants' need a constant physical contact with their owners. For this reason our dogs don’t live in a box, but inside our house, treated as family members .

We would like every human being to consider his own dog not only as an instrument (defence, exhibition …) but also, and overall, as a friend…


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